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The Affiliate Team is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part. Below are the details of the affiliate program -  how to get started today and ways you can make money as part of the SPM Affiliate Team.

 It is known that it may be hard for affiliates to find clients. Here are a few reasons: People do not need the advertised product. The product has a lot of competition on the market. The product can be advertised only on specific websites and directories.

Our company has the highest potential in affiliate business and here is why:

  • We are the only company who actually teaches Phenomenal Memory. We do not sell techniques or methods of memorization and our Course is extremely effective.

No competition!

  • There are no areas in peoples' lives where memory is not involved. It is a tool that can be used to achieve anything in life.

Everybody wants to have a Phenomenal Memory.

  • Any category on the Internet can be used for promotion.

Here are some examples:

  • Education of any kind – students, Universities, schools, teachers...
  • Looking for a job? Better job, Social-growth...
  • Mental health - visual thinking, attention stability, self-control...
  • Learn new profession...
  • New languages...
  • Military, police, FBI, CIA...
  • Church, public speakers, bible study...
  • Self-help, development, self improvement...
  • Daily routine...
  • Actors...
  • etc...


Education. When you decide to study programming it can be done in several ways: you can program by a reference book or you can study the discipline for 5 years and the basic commands will be memorized spontaneously. You can also spend a couple of weeks memorizing a programming language manual and write a program without a cheat sheet - like a professional programmer.

People who finish the entire course will be getting "A"s because studying at a regular University with Phenomenal Memory is pretty much the same as working out with a one pound dumbbell. In other words - it will be easy. Here is the article related to this topic..

Looking for a job? Imagine that you have phenomenal memory. You can memorize and reproduce huge volumes of precise information e.g. complete a 2 year course of a foreign language in 3 months. If you write that you have phenomenal memory in your resume you will be the first to be called for an interview! After you show your outstanding skills you will surely be ahead of other applicants even if you have insufficient knowledge or experience. You can learn anything in a minimum amount of time.

Self-Help. Imagine that you have just read a book “300 Techniques to Make People Like You”.  In a couple of weeks maybe only a few techniques will be left in your brain. After a year you may want to read the book again and while at it you perhaps will feel like you are reading it for the first time. You cannot use information unless it is in your head. If you memorize the basic concepts of the book using the GMS® you will build it into your brain thereby making it available 24 hours a day. Your attitude with respect to a particular subject will be changed according to the memorized data.

Anything else. Dating and relationship, dancing, economic, etc. There are no limits! Phenomenal Memory can be used anywhere.


● The Phenomenal Memory Course: referral bonus for online orders is

The First level - 18 %

The Second level (50 sales per month) - 25 %

The Third level (100 sales per month) - 33 %


When you find another person who becomes our affiliate you will receive  5  % from every order made through that person.



15 sales of the "Full Course" in actual month is $ 801,90

You are allowed to use our articles. Please contact us for details.

Here is our Affiliate forum where you can contact with other Affiliates and discuss any problem with them.

Work together with School of Phenomenal Memory Sales Representatives to setup your marketing efforts with the SPM Affiliate Team that will provide you with tips on how to better organize and structure your website to generate more sales.

Have access to fair and objective reports guaranteed and provided by the affiliate management software.

All transactions, including but not limited to: credit cards, checks, shipping orders, and customer service is taken care of by the School of Phenomenal Memory Management Team. 

After joining the Team you will get your affiliate account with your own user name and password that will allow you to check your sales reports at your convenience.

Our Management Team is trustworthy, honest, ethical, and will only work with affiliates that have the same level of integrity.

Affiliate Team Customer Service Members are available 24/7 to help affiliates generate sales.


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